Katy Welyczko - Software Developer

As a puzzle master and devoted coder, I love working with new languages and problems. I am highly analytical and process-oriented with in-depth knowledge of APIs and testing through extensive QA experience. I thrive in areas that need process improvement and a focus on efficiency from 5+ years of dedicated technical project management. I pick up new technologies quickly and work with my team to produce products customers love.

Recent Work Experience


Denver, CO -- Software Engineer -- Apr. 2018 to Current

Drive feature creation with work in React, Typescript, and Node on a Salesforce backend

Write automated tests in Java for Selenium WebDriver

Work in IntelliJ with Gradle to execute test suite and run regressions against custom built API

Improve API layer with load testing and DevOps tools


Turing School of Software & Design

Denver, CO -- Ruby on Rails -- Aug. 2017 to Apr. 2018

Backend specific program with emphasis on API consuming and database structure

Logged over 2000 hours in development